“In our leisure, we reveal what kind of people we are.” -Ovid

What kind of people are we in Unicoi County? If it is true that our play defines us, as Ovid believed, then it must be true that folks in Unicoi County are adventurous, daring, and as free-spirited as the mighty, rushing waters of the Nolichucky River.

While the determination of our people to work toward a brighter, more secure future is strong, the people of Unicoi County understand that work without play can make for a less than abundant lifestyle. That’s why our citizens and visitors alike take to activities such as whitewater rafting, fishing, biking, camping, and horseback riding in the pristine and mysterious mountains and other beautiful areas that the county has to offer.

Sometimes you’ll need a break from all the excitement…but there’s still plenty to do at your leisure while you’re building up your energy for your next adventure. Don’t forget to take advantage of our many dining and retail establishments, as restaurateurs and shop owners are ready to open their doors for you and welcome you graciously into their fine establishments.

And if you’re just visiting and need a place to rest up for the next day of endless adventures, why not take advantage of one of the community’s fine hotels or campgrounds? Friendly business owners and employees are ready to greet you and ensure that your stay in Unicoi County is as pleasant and fulfilling as it can possibly be. Who knows? You might even learn something new from one of them about even more interesting things you can find to do here.

Whether your pace is a leisurely stroll along the Erwin Linear Trail, a more strenuous hike up to Rock Creek Falls or to Unicoi’s Pinnacle Fire Tower, or even a jolting, heart-pumping thrill ride down the Nolichucky, you are sure to find what you are looking for at the end of a long work week. Why not treat yourself to one of Unicoi County’s unique adventures today?