Hunting & Fishing

There is much to do in the great outdoors of Unicoi County; so many opportunities lie at our fingertips here. We have the Nolichucky River and all the streams that feed it. All of the water bodies offer great fishing opportunities to residents and visitors who like to cast a line and spend some time.

Trout and small mouth bass are the mainstay for the angler in Unicoi County. There are also many places where you can sit and fish for whatever bites. Some say that “fishing done correctly has nothing to do with catching fish.” However, most fisherman like to feel the line tighten and pull when they go fishing. Unicoi County is a rich area for doing for doing just that.

In addition to offer prime fishing spots, Unicoi County offers world class hunting. Small game is offered for the harvest as seasons roll around. The night hunters are blessed with an abundance of raccoons. Squirrel and rabbit hunters also seem well pleased with their results. Though few and well-covered, there is also Mountain Ruffed Grouse to hunt as well.

The prime hunting season seems to fall under the big game listing. Unicoi County is an area abundant with Black Bear, White Tail Dear and turkey.

All you have to do is pick yourself up and go out into our “Valley Beautiful”. Everything is out there waiting for you; all you have to do is look into it and see where it takes you. For more information about hunting and fishing in Unicoi County, visit¬†, the official website of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.