Utility providers in Unicoi County help drive the economic growth and sustain the quality of life in the County.  Erwin Utilities provides electricity, with its source coming from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).  In addition, Erwin Utilities provides local well-and spring-supplied treated water services to most of the county, as well as sewer services and broadband Internet.  Unicoi County Gas Utility District supplied by East Tennessee Natural Gas serves more than 3,500 Unicoi County customers.  The Unicoi Water Utility provides water service to various parts of the Town of Unicoi.  Additional, various telephone, cable television and internet providers help service Unicoi County.

  • Electricity, Water, Wastewater and Broadband Internet

    Erwin Utilities
    244 Love Street or P.O. Box 817, Erwin, TN 37650 (map)
    Lee Brown, Manager
    Telephone: (423) 743-1820 · Fax: (423) 743-1388
    Website: www.e-u.cc or www.erwinfiber.com

  • Water

    Unicoi Water Utility District
    304 Tennessee Street, Unicoi, TN 37692 (map)Telephone: (423) 743-6202
    After Hour Emergencies: (423) 743-3523

  • Natural Gas

    Unicoi County Gas Utility District
    1414 North Main Avenue, Erwin, TN 37650 (map)
    Tim Whitson, Manager
    Telephone: (423) 743-6793 · Fax: (423) 743-5706
    Website: www.ucgud.com

Utility Resources available for Telephone, Cable Television and Internet