And there’s nothing more pleasant than establishing that home right here in the Valley Beautiful — in Unicoi County, Tennessee — where the people are friendly, the businesses are bustling, and nature is positively radiant with adventure and a welcoming spirit.

Whether you choose to live within the municipal limits of one of the county’s two picturesque towns, or to grow your roots in the farther reaches of the county, you can rest in the comfort of knowing that you will be well taken care of by an impeccable group of community-minded businesses and organizations.

The folks that guarantee that Unicoi County is a safe and prosperous place to live not only work to make your life comfortable and secure, but full and bountiful as well – a life that is truly enriched by the quality of the resources available in our beautiful valley.

It’s difficult to find a single element crucial to a happy, sustainable life in Unicoi County that is not in some way touched or affected by the very brightest and kindest hearts and souls the community has to offer.

Our teachers appreciate the value of a good education. Our utility and public works employees know how important uninterrupted service and a robust infrastructure are to the county’s citizens. Our restaurateurs and business owners understand that customer loyalty and patronage must be met with outstanding service with a bright smile.

In short, the individuals who strive to keep our citizens’ lives enriched and prosperous do so because they themselves are members of the same close-knit family. Their achievements and success are yours, and vice versa. That’s the true spirit of what it means to not only exist, but to truly live in Unicoi County.