Work worth doing is precisely the description of the tasks innovative entrepreneurs and faithful employees carry out in Unicoi County each and every day, and in ways that translate “work worth doing” into “life worth living” for the citizens who live here and the visitors who pass through.

It’s been said that one cannot build anything from the sky down. Our many examples of manufacturing and service industries, as well as our brick-and-mortar and other innovative ventures, demonstrate that business forms the solid foundation upon which a community — especially this one — is built.

In an economy that has proven difficult at the national and state levels in the past few years, the work ethic and perpetual spirit of ingenuity in Unicoi County have lingered and pressed forward to maintain a positive climate of success and prosperity for industry and business and, by extension, for taxpayers and visitors of the county as well.

Here in this community, workers strive to prove each and every day that they are concerned with more than “the bottom line” — rather, they demonstrate that excellent workmanship and business opportunities go a long way in strengthening the morale and positive attitude of success in the county.

From the community’s largest industrial employer down to the smallest mom-and-pop shop in historic downtown Erwin, or from a major retail store to one of the many growing business ventures in the town of Unicoi, our county is stepping up and showing that it can compete in a business environment that grows more challenging every day.